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Final Video Game Book front and back covers.

Craig Speakes had dreamed of being an author since he was a teen. An early fantasy adventure novel penned after university was put aside until later in life when he wanted to leave a legacy for his son, an avid gamer. It was this inspiration that motivated Craig to write his newest novel, Final Video Game in which a teen gamer is thrust into an actual virtual video game battle in order to save humanity from artificial intelligence gone rogue. 

Craig believes a great book is one that keeps you guessing. He hopes his young readers come away from his story knowing that even when things look bleak, there is always hope, and that this stays with them long after the book is closed.

When he isn’t writing fast-paced adventures for middle grade readers like Final Video Game, Craig enjoys photography, Scandinavian walking, and teaching conversational English to a non-native English speaker. He is also the published author of a two part middle grade book series called The Keeper.

Final Video Game is gaming fiction. Gaming fiction about our evolving relationship with artificial intelligence. Upper Middle grade AI gaming fiction.

Final Video Game
Final Video Game

Find me on Goodreads here: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/23087038.Craig_Speakes

More books by me:https://finalvideogame.com/more-by-craig-speakes/